Isn’t it a pain having to go and visit a doctor for any number of reasons? This is why we try to make your visit as easy-going as possible.

We run a completely private practice. Generous appointments to almost any time make the waiting room an unnecessary must have. Due to this there is always time for emergency treatments.

We take our time to talk with you without any time pressure. Academic medicine can be joined by naturopathy, without actually going to deep into the alternative medicine.

In case a second opinion or further internal expertise is being considered, we won’t try to send you from one doctor to the other. We will instead try to make the specialist come to our practice to assure you a stress-free treatment.

We won’t leave you alone, even if you are being treated at a hospital. We stay in touch with you during your entire treatment if you desire it.

We don’t just offer medical help, we also love to entertain you.

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